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Smart Monitoring

GuardDV smart monitoring application utilizes the latest technology on Active Global Positioning System (ActiveGPS) and International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) to provide the fastest and most accurate location of users carrying their mobile phone with GuardDV installed in their device.


An IMEI, is a 15 digit code with a unique numerical identifier for every mobile phone. This number helps differentiate a device from another, making sure that the monitoring is accurate and that resources are being used efficiently.


An active GPS tracking system, also known as a real-time system, automatically sends information via the GPS system to GuardDV in real-time, as it happens. This allows GuardDV to know where a mobile phone is located at any given moment int time to maximize the protection of our users.


With smart monitoring not only can we determine locations in real-time, but also compute crucial information such as velocity and time. GuardDV smart monitoring facilitates law enforcement procedures by automatically filing detailed activity reports, regarding violations of proximity restrictions.

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