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Facial Recognition Technology

In order to make sure that the offender carries his/her cell phone at all times, GuardDV sends mandatory facial recognition check-in. This feature replaces the need for probation officers to perform home visits. In person visits do not happen often enough due to limited resources and staff. GuardDV automated mandatory check-in is done at random times throughout the day to prevent the offender to establish recognizable patterns. Its trustworthy, cost efficient, and allows for more check-in that any other existing method.     


Facial recognition technology (FRT) analyzes data from approximately 80 facial features, creating a faceprint. Some of these features include length of the jawline, cheekbones shape, distance between the eyes, and the nose width. The measurements gathered by the system are then put in a database and compared to the faceprint on file for the offender when he/she  stands before the camera.


Face biometric system is an irreplaceable technology, it has become one of the most innovative tools for the security industry. Amazing uses of facial recognition technology are growing exponentially, both governments and private companies rely in this technology every day for examination, investigation, and monitoring.

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