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What is GuardDV?

GuardDV is a security application that allows for automated enforcement of protection orders. For the first time, GuardDV provides survivors of domestic violence with real-time information about the safety of their surroundings, or threats that may arrive from potential violations to protection orders right to their cell phone.

Smart Monitoring

GuardDV smart monitoring application utilizes the latest technology on Active Global Positioning System (ActiveGPS) and International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) to provide the fastest and most accurate location of users carrying their mobile phone with GuardDV installed in their device.

Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition technology (FRT) analyzes data from approximately 80 facial features, creating a faceprint. Some of these features include length of the jawline, cheekbones shape, distance between the eyes, and the nose width. The measurements gathered by the system are then put in a database and compared to the faceprint on file for the offender when he/she  stands before the camera.

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Safety Zone Notifications
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Facial Recognition Check-in
How GuardDV smart monitoring saves lives?

Step 1


Once a protection order is issued, both the offender and the survivor are required by the court to have GuardDV installed on their cell phones.  They are assisted by our technology professionals.




Step 2


GuardDV  creates a safe-zone composed of three security perimeters that are designed to trigger automatic notifications in case of a violation of the protection order. Safety-zone perimeters follow the survivor wherever they go,  24/7. The distance of the security perimeters that make up the safety-zone around survivors are fully customizable to meet the needs of every case.


As part of the functionalities, GuardDV allows survivors to integrate trusted people on his/her life to be part of their personal support network called “Guardian Angels.” People within this support network will be able to install GuardDV on their cell phones and receive the same real-time notification as the survivor. Guardian Angels provide additional support to survivors in case of emergencies by extending situational awareness.  

Step 3


Once the application is active, survivors are able to see through the GuardDV live map if their safety-zone is free of threats at any given time, or in the case of a breach in the safety-zone, both the survivor and their Guardian Angels receive an immediate notification announcing a violation to the protection order from the offender.




Step 4


If the offender enters the safety-zone the application will monitor his/her movements and send notifications after he/she crosses each of the first two established perimeters, informing the survivor and support networks ”Guardian Angels” about the proximity of the offender in relation to the survivor's location. Distances are adjusted by case to meet the needs of the situation.The offender is also  simultaneously notified about his/her violation of the protection order.


Once the offender enters the safety-zone, GuardDV visually displays on the survivor’s live map the location of the offender in real-time. This form of smart monitoring allows survivors to have on time, crucial information, to take the necessary measures to prevent high risks situations. If the offender persists on his/her approach to the survivor, a third and final notification is sent automatically  to 911, as well as the survivor and Guardian Angels. At this point both the survivor and their support networks have been alerted, and are aware of the situation. Allowing for enough time to assist the survivor with reaching a secure location  while the authorities are on their way.


GuardDV Smart Monitoring


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